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  • We have expanded our EDI offering to include:
  • Pick n Pay for Orders/Invoices
  • Dischem (in progress )
  • Shoprite for Orders
  • Value Logistics
  • Imperial Logistics
  • Honeybee for Orders
  • Scarecrow for Orders

Dispatch Checking << back

Dispatch Checking is the process whereby stock picked for a sales order is physically checked at the dispatch point againts the invoice

  • FenyaSA presents a list of invoices by date, the appropriate invoice is selected and the content displayed on the screen.
  • Using a bluetooth scanner, the picked stock is scanned and verified against the list on the PC screen.
  • When all the items have been scanned, variances will be highlighted and must be rectified before dispatch is allowed.
  • If there are no variances a label is printed and the shipment is cleared for dispatch.
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