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  • We have expanded our EDI offering to include:
  • Pick n Pay for Orders/Invoices
  • Dischem (in progress )
  • Shoprite for Orders
  • Value Logistics
  • Imperial Logistics
  • Honeybee for Orders
  • Scarecrow for Orders

Goods Receiving << back

Goods Receiving is the process whereby items are scanned into stock from a specific Supplier. FenyaSA provides two ways to do this;

Control document: This is a Sage Pastel or Dynamics GP Purchase\GRV Order that has already been captured and it is used to ensure that the items picked match the purchase\GRV order, hence the term 'Control Document'

  • The purchase\GRV's orders are downloaded to the scanner via a docking station (or WIFI).
  • FenyaSA prints scan sheets for each purchase\GRV order (optional). These are basically picking slips with barcodes on them.
  • To start the process, the supplier is scanned then the purchase\GRV order ( or alternatively the PO is selected from the pull down list), the scanner now knows what is allowed to be scanned for this order.
  • The stock is picked against the purchase\GRV order, the scanner will not allow more than the order quantity to be scanned nor will it allow the incorrect items to be scanned.
  • When the process is completed, the scanned purchase\GRV order is extracted. Any variances are highlighted.
  • The purchase\GRV order can be discarded or posted to Sage Pastel\Dynamics GP where it will create a appropriate entries depending on the version (Xpress/Partner/Evelotion or Dynamics GP).

Using a control document for purchases provides accuracy and efficiency for improved stock control and worker productivity

On-the-fly Goods Receiving for Pastel Only In this instance there are no documents created in Sage Pastel prior to the scanning process.

  • The scanner maintains a list of all the suppliers, stores/warehouses and inventory and has the capability to 'refresh' at any time.
  • The supplier and store/warehouse is selected on the scanner.
  • The scanner is now primed and the items can be scanned for the goods received. The scanner will allow any item and/or quantity to be scanned.
  • When completed the scanned items are sent to FenyaSA and a document is then posted to Sage Pastel, it is as simple as that.
  • The scanned document can be posted as a Purchase Order, Supplier Invoice or GRV (depending on Sage Pastel version).
  • In addition the scanned document can be created as a linked document in FenyaSA. This allows you to(for example)scan the items off several containers, link them and post the to Sage Pastel as a single puchase order when the shipment has been fully received.

On-the-fly' scanning provides a quick and easy method to generate purchase documents from items actually scanned.

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