Sage Pastel authorised 3rd Party Developers| Warehouse Management | EDI | Barcode Scanner Stock Take | Software integration for Pastel Accounting,JD Edwards, Dynamics GP
Sage Pastel authorised 3rd Party Developers| Warehouse Management | EDI | Barcode Scanner Stock Take | Software integration for Pastel Accounting,JD Edwards, Dynamics GP



  • We have expanded our EDI offering to include:
  • Pick n Pay Orders/Invoices
  • Foschini Orders/Invoices
  • Dischem Orders/Invoices
  • Shoprite Orders/Invoices
  • Value Logistics Orders/Invoices
  • Imperial Logistics Orders/Invoices
  • Repsly Orders
  • Honeybee Orders
  • Scarecrow Orders


fenyaSoft is a software company specializing in all types of systems and services that automate repetitive business processes which ultimately result in one or more accounting transactions.

  • Our speciality is the provision of software solutions that integrate into Sage Pastel Accounting and to this end we are an authorised Sage Pastel 3rd party developer.We provide solutions for Sage Pastel Xpress, Sage Pastel Partner and Sage Pastel Evolution.
  • We provide a turnkey service that consists of Sage Pastel product sales,barcode scanner hardware and software sales, specialized training, advanced technical support (Sage Pastel data fixes and the like), software development, web development, integration and hosting.
  • Our software solutions offer full integration into Sage Pastel Accounting for many different processes.Note Integration in our context is not the import/export of CSV files but tight integration into the actual database.
  • We have expanded our integration to include Microsoft Dynamics GP(Great Plains) and JD Edwards

We provide the following :

Warehouse Management Solutions (we offer Excel integration for other accounting systems)
  • Warehouse Management: In the warehouse we provide Goods Receiving, Sales Picking,Dispatch Checking, Stock Take, Inter Store(warehouse) and branch stock transfers using barcode scanners.
  • We have released new functionality specifically designed for the medical supply sector that includes:
    • Consignment stock tracking
    • Stock Take in hospitals
    • Stock Transfers between hospitals
    • Receiving of new stock
    • Serial Number, Lot Number and Expiry Date Reporting
  • Our barcoded warehouse management software has been in the market for several years and we are continuously adding additional features to make your warehouse as efficient as possible.
  • We have introduced wireless capabilities to our software which enables you to track inventory off-site from your local Pastel or accounting network.
  • Stock Take, Stock Transfer and Goods Receiving has been integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP(Great Plains)
Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)

EDI is the interchange of data between disparate systems, FenyaSoft offer the following solutions:
  • Web base online shops: Presenting your products on the Web is a great way of increasing sales, however, if you have to manually upload stock, pricing etc and download orders it becomes extremely tedious and error prone. FenyaSoft provides a system to upload Sage Pastel data to your Web, download orders and post them to Sage Pastel Accounting.
  • Pick n Pay/Shoprite/Value Logistics/Honeybee/Scarecrow/Imperial Logistics: A fully integrated EDI platform between Sage Pastel Accounting and the aforementioned for orders,invoicing,returns and stock movement.
  • We now offer Pick n Pay/Shoprite integration into JD Edwards
  • Web Based Online Ordering: A fully integrated Online Ordering system that provides product catalogues, pricing and order generation.
  • Android Integration: We provide an Android-based application for order capturing which integrates directly into our online ordering platform and then into the accounting system
Asset Tracking (Click here for a brochure)

FenyaAST is a stand alone appliction that uses barcode scanners to manage and track assets over various locations

FenyaAST provides the following functions :
  • Add/Remove and Transfer Assets on the PC or using a Barcode Scanner
  • View Movements
  • Validates assets against physical location vs system location
  • Reports on all asset movements
  • Auditing functionality
  • The Fixed Asset Management System has been designed in a similar manner to ‘cloud-based systems’ so you can access the software anywhere and anytime.
Logistics Management (Route Planning and Mobile Sales Management)
  • FenyaLogistics is a management tool designed for Mobile Sales Management and Route Planning. Outlets are stocked on a proactive route cycle rather than wait for the customer to call in.
  • Plan routes, produce picking slips and trip schedules, generate on-site invoices and driver cash-ups directly from Sage Pastel.
  • We have extensive experience and knowledge in the logistics industry and due to this we are able to provide custom FMCG applications that suite your businesses requirements at a fraction of the cost of any of our competitors.
Custom Software Solutions

fenyaSoft provide custom development services for the following environment
  • Web Applications which include hosting
  • PC Applications
  • Embedded/Mobile devices such as barcode scanners
  • Android applications
  • Import/Export functions
  • Reporting software
  • Integration between websites and accounting systems
  • Integration between buyers and suppliers disparate systems
  • We have completed projects with many other software companies, some of them are listed below:
    • Trackmatic
    • Honeybee
    • Vodacom - EDI
    • Value Logistics
    • Imperial Logistics
    • Repsly
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