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  • We have expanded our EDI offering to include:
  • Pick n Pay for Orders/Invoices
  • Dischem (in progress )
  • Shoprite for Orders
  • Value Logistics
  • Imperial Logistics
  • Honeybee for Orders
  • Scarecrow for Orders

EDI Integration for Pick n Pay,Shoprite and others << back

fenyaSoft provide a fully automated(We do not EXPORT/IMPORT csv files.) EDI Integration system for Sage Pastel Accounting or JD Edwards.

FenyaEDI is a two part system

  • FenyaEDIListener is a cloud based listener that polls the target system (Pick n Pay etc) for sales orders or Invoices/Credits.
  • FenyaEDIex is a PC based appliction located on the client's Sage Pastel/JD Edwards network. Sales orders are received, periodically, and posted to Sage Pastel Accounting/JD Edwards.
  • When the orders are processed into invoices, the target system is updated.
  • The entire process is fully automated.

Key Feature

  • Customer mapping allows orders to be posted to the correct customer in Sage Pastel which includes the correct delivery address details.
  • Inventory items on the order are checked against Sage Pastel/JD Edwards and errors are emailed to a designated person.
  • Prices are checked against Sage Pastel/JD Edwards and discrepancies are higlighed and emailed to a designated person.
  • Delivery dates are validated and orders rejected if they are not within designated times.
  • Orders can be simultaneously emailed in PDF or csv format to distribution companies.
  • Multiple companies/books are supported. This means that orders from 'Pick n Pay' can be routed to different Sage Pastel companies/books automatically.
  • Order history is maintained in the cloud and can be reset and subsequently re-posted to Sage Pastel/JD Edwards.
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