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  • We have expanded our EDI offering to include:
  • Pick n Pay for Orders/Invoices
  • Dischem (in progress )
  • Shoprite for Orders
  • Value Logistics
  • Imperial Logistics
  • Honeybee for Orders
  • Scarecrow for Orders

Online Ordering for Sage Pastel << back

fenyaSoft's Online Ordering system consists of a WEB interface for customers to view products and place orders and a Sage Pastel interface for the interchange of data.

WEB User Interface(UI)

  • The UI consists of a product catalog and an Order Page.
  • The product catalogue provides the following:
    • Filter to browse product by category or store/warehouse.
    • Information displayed is the item code,description,image and customer specific pricing(optional).
    • Catalogues can be downloaded in pdf form and/or emailed to the customer.
  • The Order Page consistes of the following:
    • Product selection by category or store/warehouse.
    • A grid containing the product details (as per the catalogue above) is displayed.
    • The user selects the quantity for each product that they wish to order.
    • The grid maintains a running total with each selection.
    • When the order is completed, a PDF proforma is emailed to the customer and the designiated sales person.
    • The order can be accepeted or rejected by the sales person with notifications send to the customer.
    • A history or orders is maintained that may be used as replenishment orders.

Sage Pastel EDI Interface

  • An application resides on the network where it is able to see the Sage Pastel database.
  • A web service is used to interchange all necessary data between the Sage Pastel database and the WEB UI in real time.
  • Orders are posted to directly Sage Pastel.
  • This system is fully integrated, there are no import/export of CSV files.
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